Battlegrounds Mobile India: How To Change Username

Over 16M players are active on Battlegrounds mobile India since the release. It is no surprise that the Indian version of PUBG Mobile has already started dominating the mobile BR genre here. Millions of players are enjoying the intense combat now.

Gamers are allowed to transfer their old PUBG mobile progress to Battlegrounds mobile India. However, it doesn’t matter if you are an old or a new player, starting fresh in BGMI is not a bad idea. 

When we talk about starting fresh, the BGMI username is the very first thing that clicks to mind. And, this is a great opportunity to change or keep a good/badass BGMI nickname. 

The characters and our name in BGMI are some of the significant aspects that make the game more interesting. Players in BGMI can have their own username and decide the character’s appearance. Let’s see how you can change your username in Battlegrounds mobile India.

How To Change username in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India offers in-game name change features like PUBG Mobile. Players need to have a rename card or an ID card to change their username. It is available in-game shop and Treasure section of BGMI. An ID card can also be purchased for 180 UC, which most players wouldn’t like to trade for.

Gamers should note that BGMI is offering a free rename card for players who transfer their data from the old accounts. While new players can have a free rename card after reaching level 10 in BGMI. Here’s how you can change your username in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1) Run BGMI on your device and go-to Inventory section on the right-bottom of your screen

2) Select the Name card from your Inventory and Tap ‘Use’

3) You will see a pop up on your display to change a name.

4) Enter your new name and click ‘OK’ to change it. Note you can only change your name once.

How T

o Change Your Character Appearance

1) Visit ‘Inventory’ to customize your character. Select ‘appearance, on the left side of the screen. 

2) Several option appears-> Choose gender, face, hairstyle and skin colour depending on your choice

3) When you’re all done with your appearance confirm the final look and select “OK”.

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