Minecraft: Best 3 Potions to kill Wither

Wither in Minecraft is the most powerful Mob. It is a floating undead boss mob capable of massive destruction. They shoot a large number of unique items like Exp points and ingredients. These ingredients can later be used to craft a beacon (Nether Star). Wither hurl explosive skulls at enemies and kills everything it comes into contact with.

Defeating Wither in Minecraft is a difficult task. You might be familiar with the potions in Minecraft, there are dozens of them. but, only a few potions can assist you in a battle against this dangerous mob. So, let us have a look at the Best 3 potions in Minecraft to kill Wither.

3) Potion of Strength

As the name says, this potion increases the strength of players in Minecraft. Potion of Strength is one of the most useful methods to kill the Wither. It boosts your strength significantly which is essential during the fight against Wither. Players should also note that the potion only lasts for 1.5 minutes, so it is recommended to brew multiple potions before the fight.

2) Splash Potion of Healing

Splash Potion of Healing is a great weapon against Skeletons, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen and Withers. This potion plays a major role in a fight with Wither. Players are recommended to hold it, as it could be the determining factor of life or death. In a pickle, you can throw a Splash Potion of Healing at your feet to instantly heal yourself.

1) Potion of Regeneration +

Potion of Regeneration + is a very essential potion carry in the Wither fight. The potion takes around a minute and 30 seconds to regenerate players health. The best reason to use Potion of Regeneration + is, it completely negates the “Withering” effect from Wither that deals massive damage to players. Hence, this is a very important potion in the fight against Wither.

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