One Plus Series Can Run Fortnite at 90FPS

The big new surfaced on Internet amazing many gamers out there. One Plus joined hands with one of popular Gaming developers Fortnite. The company unveiled news that  OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro can now run Fortnite at 60FPS. This major update allows One Plus 8 series to run Fortnite at 90 frames per second (More than other mobile phones).

One Plus 8 series become the only smartphone right now to support Fortnite at 90FPS. 90 frames per second is quite an impressive will offer smooth gameplay and amazing visuals. Players playing at 90FPS will indirectly have an edge over other mobile gamers.

The players in India can download the Fortnite from official One Plus Game launcher ‘OnePlus Game Space.’

All the other smartphones run Fortnite at 60FPS. however, One Plus 7 series will also have a maximum 60Fps rate. THe PC version of Fortnite is more versatile and flexible as compared to any other platform (depends on your Hardware).

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