PAYDAY: Crime War APK Free Download for Android

PAYDAY: Crime War is an excellent multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Universal Studios Interactive. Get in a brutal war against cops & robbers and test your skills in-game. Download the PAYDAY: Crime War APK free from here.

The concept of PAYDAY: Crime War is almost similar to that of Countersrike’s Terrorist vs Counter-terrorist. Instead, here we have cops and robbers who engage in a brutal fight. Both sides have respective goals. Players can choose any team they wish to.

In this game, the robbers try to break into a safe, and the cops have to do anything to stop them. The intense fight between both makes this multiplayer game interesting.

Moreover, there are tons of characters to choose from, dozens of suits, weapons, accessories and lots of content to enjoy the thrill of cops vs robbers.

PAYDAY: Crime War is an amazing team-based FPS game with good controls, fantastic graphics and action. Download the APK from below.

Download & Install PAYDAY: Crime War APK

1. Download the game file from the download button below.

2. After this, extract the file and install the apk.

3. After the installation, do not open the app. Instead, copy the OBB files to this location -‘Android/OBB/com. (Actual location name might vary)

4. You can now start the game and then, allow the storage permissions.

5. It will take a few moments to read and load the data files. After that, select an account.

6. You can now enjoy the game!

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